Transalpin game

Strategy game about the connection between transport development / economy / tourism and their consequences on the Alpine environment

“Transalpin“ is a teaching aid and strategy game whose goal is to make aware of the connection between transport development and economy and tourism and what are the consequences of these three factors on the Alpine environment.
In addition, players get to know possible measures for traffic regulation. Players can affect the development of transport, economy, tourism and environment by means of various measures. Teachers can use at best “Transalpin“ for their secondary school classes if they want to deal with the Alps, mobility and transport.
This teaching tool was set up with professional game developers, tested and fine-tuned together with schools from Tyrol, South Tyrol as well as from Uri in cooperation with the Alpine Initiative. The production of the game was specially supported by Switzerland (Federal Office for Spatial Development ARE), Slovenia and the Land of Tyrol. In order to prepare the various steps, you will find further information on the subject in the first report on the state of the Alps about “Transport and Mobility in the Alps”.

Materials of the game:

  • Game rules (EN, FR, SL, IT, DE)
  • Templates (to photocopy): Summary form, Sheet for region (EN,FR,SL, IT, DE)
  • Introduction to the strategy game Have fun with Transalpin!

Resource information

Ressources pédagogiques
Aménagement & Economie
Développement durable
Transports / mobilité
Année de publication 
The permanent Secretariat of the Alpine Convention
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