How to use the Web Plateform

The Web platform is a participatory tool for you to use. It includes:

Consult a short presentation of the two portals, below or click HERE.

Some items of information (stakeholders, news, etc.) that concern both professionals and young people will appear on both portals - and .

How can I join the OurAlps and Yapp Platform?

  1. Create an OurAlps account with a valid Username and Password at our Registration page
  2. Your account is valid for both portals and
  3. Once you Log in, you will be able to publish and share information on different items

OurAlps and Yapp Items

  • Mountain-oriented education stakeholder’s data base - English only
    Fill in the Stakeholder form in English and you will appear on the Alpine stakeholders in mountain-oriented education map. You can share the information on both portals and
  • Events
    In this item you can promote events related to the Mountain-Oriented Education. Fill in the “Event form“ first in English and eventually, if needed in the local alpine language.
    You can share the information on both portals and
  • Teaching and resource materials in educational center - only
    This item, you can share your teaching and resource materials on the Alps and the mountains by filling the form in English and eventually, if needed in the local alpine language.
  • Activities sheets in educational center - only
    Add your comments, questions, suggestions  to the Activities’ sheets.The activities sheets have been created and shared by volunteer Alpine stakeholders.
  • Youth projects - only
    Here you can add a youth-project as an organization.



Zoom in on the multisite Web platform: a short presentation of the two portals urges all Alpine professionals in education and mountain-oriented pursuits to take part in the international mountain-oriented education network and its joint projects. is a space for:

  • presenting Alpine stakeholders who are active in the field of mountain-oriented education
  • sharing information, content, resources, good practices, etc.

The aim of this portal is to promote dialogue and exchange between professionals working in the fields of education and mountain-oriented pursuits, facilitate the formation of partnerships and develop many Alps-wide projects related to mountain-oriented education. helps promote youth participation and youth projects. For the first time, young people are being given the opportunity to join a network of Alpine organisations that transcends linguistic and geographical barriers. What’s more, the platform is a place where organisations and projects can find partners and enjoy the benefits of synergy. Thus YAPP is an instrument for the long term promotion of youth participation and environmental education in the Alpine countries.