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Discussion lists are systems that allow several people to exchange messages through a single email address. They are designed to encourage the flow of information and communication between Alpine stakeholders. OurAlps discussion lists are based on common rules of courtesy and mutual kindness. Each person is responsible for the comments made on the network's lists.

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Presentation of the OurAlps discussion lists:

  • network-participants[at] : List open to Alpine stakeholders interested in mountain education at international level.
  • climat-change[at] : List open to Alpine stakeholders involved in educating in climate change in the Alps.
  • youth[at] List dedicated to young Alpine people interested in international dynamic and projects.
  • alpine-medias[at] : List dedicated to the professionals of all alpine media (magazines, websites, newsletters, etc.).
  • alpine-schools[at] : List dedicated to teachers involved in mountain education projects in the Alps (and to the non-formal educators associated).
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