Alpweek Intermezzo

Alpweek Intermezzo

Like its bigger sister, the quadrennial AlpWeek, Alpweek Intermezzo is an international event on sustainable development and related Alpine issues, jointly organised by key Alpine organisations. The 2019 edition of the event is conceived as a lunch to lunch conference which will bring the main Alpine stakeholders together to meet and exchange views on the topic “Tomorrow in the Alps”.

sreda 03 April 2019 to četrtek 04 April 2019


AlpWeek Intermezzo will start on April 3rd 2019 with a political discussion (on invitation only) on relevant topics for the future of the Alpine Region. The outcomes of this exchange will be brought to the attention of the Alpine Conference the next day. On 4 April, we invite you to a project showcase featuring inspiring stories on the topic “Tomorrow in the Alps”, followed by interactive market stands.


Tomorrow in the Alps (The display of the 'water' topic is a technical bug awaiting resolution)


Ursulinensäle, Innrain 7