Conservatoire d'espaces naturels de Haute-Savoie

Conservatoire d'espaces naturels de Haute-Savoie

Structure technically oriented, Asters brings together expertise on natural environments for over 35 years. Conservatory of natural areas in Haute-Savoie, its mission is to preserve, share and enhance the natural heritage of Haute-Savoie .

Aims and activities 

Asters manages 41 sites, including nine natural reserves of Haute-Savoie: 6 of them are located in the mountains: the Aiguilles Rouges, the Vallon de Berard Carlaveyron, Les Contamines-Montjoie Passy and Sixt-Passy.

The other 3 are located along the main alpine lakes of Annecy and Geneva: Delta Dranse, Bout du Lac d'Annecy and Roc de Chere.

Asters is also an active member of "Nature Reserves of France".

A transalpine player

Asters has been involved for over 30 years in the reintroduction and conservation of the Bearded Vulture in the Alps and manages single breeding center in France. He is a member of the Alpine Protected Areas (ALPARC), which includes national parks, regional natural reserves across the Alps from Slovenia to Monaco. Finally he is a partner and / or holder of numerous international or major cross-border programs.

The Conservatory of natural areas in Haute-Savoie also provides expert guidance to communities that wish to engage in a process of preservation of natural areas. Asters has developed a general mission in favor of wetlands to increase their catch in local account and preservation.

The scientific and technical expertise is a cornerstone of Asters. We develop an objective understanding and help define the heritage character of spaces and species constitute the bulk of missions of this center of expertise. 

Because the preservation of natural heritage concerns all of us and especially the younger generations, Asters is implementing throughout the year raising awareness action toward all audiences.

Asters is investing in the development of visitor centers that are information points but also places of knowledge transfer on the rich heritage of alpine natural areas.


Projects and activities involving young people 

As manager of the nature reserve, Asters is responsible for allowing discovery of the natural protected areas of Haute-Savoie.
Learn to know what is near you!
For over 20 years , the team of nature guides raise awareness of the environment through school activities, events, public outings.

Defined educational projects with schools
An educational project can be built according to school wishes and expectations, combining several classroom sessions and field trips.

Asters favors indeed the projects built around several interventions to enable growth and deepening of themes.

The children participate in interactive workshops:
Observation of animals with telescope, magnifying glass box, identification key, binoculars .... Look for traces and clues, team games, nature rally ...

Educational tools dedicated to various themes can be mobilized

Pedagogical tools available : Ani'malle ptarmigan, bats pedagogical tool, Beaver pedagogical tool, Bearded vulture pedagogical tool, Hector the dead tree

The themes

Here are some themes illustrating the possible range of our interventions. The list is not exhaustive, we can also meet demands.
From kindergarten to high school, in class or on our sites, we adapt to any projects.

Different environments and their evolution, forest, pond, wetlands, mountains

Migration, the food chain survive the winter, the adaptations of living

The impact of man and nature protection
The impact of human activities on the environment

The species
amphibians, insects, small animals dead wood, beaver, raptors, bats, forest animals

Cycles in nature
The water cycle, the nature of the seasons

The sites
Nature reserves of Haute-Savoie and sensitive natural areas are perfect locations to discover and understand nature.

Type of organisation 
Alpine protected area
Association / NGO
International organisation
Type of protected area 
Natural Reserve
Cultural heritage
Sports & leisure activities
Sustainable development
Winter mountain

contact information

84 route du viéran
04 50 66 47 62

useful information

Countries of intervention 
All Alpine countries
Further information 

Denis Richarme, School of Groisy
For several years, our school classes benefit from interventions ASTERS. Facilitators offer original activities that have the support of the students.

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