Our aims and activities

OurAlps objectives

​The main objectives of the international network of mountain-oriented education are:

  • Connecting people
  • Sharing and learning together
  • Thinking, creating and producing together
  • Shaping a collective framework / defining a common ‘Alpinity’
  • Promoting / Representing

The network fulfills

  • a technical function: linking actors, circulating information, advising professionals, building collective projects (events, publications, …), etc.
  • a strategic function: to represent, promote, develop the sector, etc.
  • a laboratory function: exploring, thinking, building common references, spreading experiences and ideas, etc.

OurAlps activities

To achieve its objectives, the international mountain-oriented education network carries out conventional networking activities such as:

  • professional meetings: seminars, training sessions  
  • dissemination of information via web tools: Web platform, discussion lists, social networks
  • joint projects: publication of practical guides or teaching materials, events, international initiatives
  • promotion and development of all other activities related to the network’s objectives.

The network’s content and activities are focused on its purpose: mountains and the Alps.

These activities are put in place with, by and for Alpine actors using a bottom-up approach, based on a joint needs assessment.

Current Actions within the Interreg Alpine Space project YOUrALPS